Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Glitter Snowflake Window Clings

DIY Glitter Snowflake Window Clings

Every Christmas break, my husband gets 2 weeks off of work, just like the kids get 2 weeks off of school. Ya know, since he works at an Elementary School. I think his schedule is my absolute favorite! What other job could he do what he loves and still get 3 months off during the summer plus 2 weeks of every Christmas. It’s pretty much awesome. Every holiday break, we pick a TV series to watch on Netflix. This year, it was Parks and Recreation. I’ll admit, I tried to watch it when it first premiered on TV and thought it was lame. It’s been on for so many seasons, I thought it was worth a try. I was definitely wrong. That show is hilarious!!! And these glitter snowflake window clings are lit-rally the cutest and most awesome window clings I have ever made.

And they are so stinkin easy to make.

Here’s what you need:
glitter snowflake window clings supplies

A snowflake template (I found a free printable HERE)
White Puffy Paint
Wax Paper (I used freezer paper since that’s what I had on hand and it worked great!)

The first thing you do is tape the snowflake template to the back of the wax paper – if you’re using freezer paper, you want it taped to the non-shiny side.

glitter snowflake window clings step 1

Turn the wax paper over and trace the snowflakes with the puffy paint

glitter snowflake window clings step 2

Generously sprinkle with glitter.

glitter snowflake window clings step 3

Now, for me this was the hardest part. Let it dry for a good 24 hours. I hate waiting! When it’s dry, slowly and carefully peel the window clings from the wax paper.

A little tip: they aren’t as easy to re-adjust as store bought window clings, so think carefully when you place them.

Aren’t these little guys so cute?!? It almost makes me love winter despite the freezing temperatures!

glitter snowflakes 2

glitter snowflakes


  1. These are so pretty and such a good idea!

  2. So cute! I think I will have to see about getting the things to try this! Adorable!

  3. I'm having trouble getting them to stick once pealed off the wax paper ! I used the shiny side up any suggestions? It's bringing up the paper with the snowflake

    1. I had the same problem :( the kids were super bummed.

    2. Use just a bit of good ol fashioned petroleum jelly (vaseline) you only need to put a super thin coat and then it releases so easy!- with the thin coat I didn't see any residue either.

    3. My three year-old discovered it by accident - she used fabric paint -instead of the puffy paint. It was strong!

  4. I used Scribbles3D Fabric Paint Crystal Gel Transparent paint it already has the sparkle factor built in and it was so much easier than the puffy fabric paint with added sparkles and I can take it off and reposition it if I want isn't quite as poofy as the puff paint but looks just as amazing as far as I"m concerned without the aggravation of the other method..good luck!

  5. I am trying to find something that will stick to my walls but be easily removed. Would these work for that?


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