Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Thanks Canvas–Crafty Cornucopia Project

I’m excited to be sharing my Crafty Cornucopia project! The medium we were supposed to use was paint. I really tried to challenge myself and come up with something that I could make without a trip to the store. It was fun to see how much my creativity was stretched. I need to do that more often!

give thanks canvas

To make this project, you need:

A canvas (I used a flat canvas board that was 11x17)
Paint & Brushes or sponges
A Vinyl or other Stencil
Mod Podge
A White Paint Pen
Clear Spray Paint

The first step is to paint the canvas in the base color. I used brown.

give thanks canvas step 1

The thing I love about painting on canvas is the texture. It really brings dimension to the paint. You can paint over it enough that you lose the texture, but I wanted it to show through. Be sure that you smooth out your brush strokes by running the brush from top to bottom. See the difference?

give thanks canvas step 1b

After that layer is dry, grab your stencil. I made a vinyl stencil from my Silhouette. I downloaded shape #22533 from the Silhouette online store. Then paint (or sponge) over the Give and Everyday.

give thanks canvas step 2

Give that a few minutes to dry. Once it’s dry, add mod podge to the Thanks. Funny story….while I was waiting for my carefully painted orange to dry, I left the room. Well, my 3-year-old decided that he would love to help me finish the rest of the painting. Thus, the scribble paint look that is all over the vinyl. ;)


Then, sprinkle glitter over the mod podge. I left the vinyl on, but you could probably take it off before applying the glitter as well.

give thanks canvas step 4

Give it a few minutes to dry and then peel the vinyl off. I honestly was going to stop there and call it good, but realized that the orange paint and gold glitter didn’t stand out very well against the brown background. Then, I remembered that I had some white Elmer's paint pens in my craft stash, so I grabbed one and outlined the letters by hand.

give thanks canvas step 5

give thanks canvas step 5b

I think it gives the paint a chalk on chalkboard type feel. I really love it!

To finish it off, and to keep the glitter in place, give it a coat of clear spray paint.

give thanks canvas step 6

And that’s it! I love how it turned out!



  1. LOVE this! This looks awesome. The white boarder really sets it off nicely. Stash busting projects are always a good idea.

  2. love, love, love! Thank you so much for sharing for Crafty Cornucopia! I can't wait to share this on my FB page today!

  3. It looks like wood ! I love how it turned out!!

  4. Shatzi that is so beautiful! I love that the "thanks" really stands out! I also think you made a great call to make it all pop with the white paint pen! Totally love that your three year old "helped"!! Now that's something to be thankful for right there! Awesome tutorial and a great project! Sharing it on my facebook now and linking to it on my blog tomorrow.

  5. AWESOME! Thanks for great inspiration.

  6. So awesome! The canvas really looks like wood.. crazy :) and you can't go wrong with glitter in my book. I love sparkly :)


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