Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vintage Child's Rocker: Guest Post from Tiffany & Co.

Hi everybody!  I'm Tiffany, and I blog over at Tiffany and Company.  I'm a fairly new blogger but I am always working on a project and I thought it would be fun to start a blog to show some of it off!  I am mommy to three kids, ages 4, 2, and almost 11 months.  How do I have time for projects?  Good question!  But I have fun doing it!  Some of my favorite projects include my $40 beadboard backsplash, my chunky beadboard frame,  and my repurposed play kitchen.

The project I'm sharing with you today is a vintage child's rocker!  I was SO excited to find this little beauty at a yard sale for only $2.  What a find!  It's a sturdy little thing.  Here is the before picture.  I actually kind of like the little train and the vintage look, but I wanted it for my baby's room and that just wasn't going to work for me.

So here was what I started with.  Wood glue, a decorative wood piece found at Home Depot, and Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze.

I dabbed some wood glue on and attached the decorative wood piece.  While it was drying I used a bag clip to clamp it on, just because I'm classy like that! ;)

Then it was time too add some Blue Ocean Breeze!  I love Krylon's spray paints and I think they have the best colors.  Here it was after two coats and just a bit of sanding to distress parts of it:

I loved the color, but wanted to bring out more of the details in the decorative wood piece.  Enter: GLAZING!  If you have never done this before, let me warn is a little scary!  You paint it right on, and then rub it off with an old rag.  Here is what it looked like when I first painted some of the glaze on.  (Ahhh!)  Gives me a heart attack every time!

I painted it all over the chair, rubbing it off with a rag as I went.  
Here is the final result!

Perfectly shabby and worn looking, just what I was going for.   Doesn't the glaze bring out the details so nicely?

One last view of the finished rocker.  It will look darling  in my baby's pink and blue nursery.  I love it!

Thanks so much Shatzi, for letting me guest post on your adorable blog.  I hope you'll all come pay me a visit at my little blog Tiffany and Company.   
Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!


  1. That is super cute! I love that the detail looks like it was always part of the chair. Can't wait to explore your blog.

    Erin at

  2. Thanks so much for letting me guest post Shatzi! Hope you're having fun on your vacation! :)

  3. Great job! An excellent transformation :) I like it a lot better this way too.

  4. Love the addition of the decorative wood piece. It adds such femininity!

  5. Thank you everyone! You are all very sweet! :)

  6. It's so cute, I love the color- heading over to Tiffany's blog now:)


  7. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love the color! Great job Tiffany!


  8. Good work done!! But I cannot believe this that your the mother of this 3 kids still so young and beautiful..


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