Monday, April 16, 2012

Angry Birds Party

angry birds party

A few weeks ago, my older boy (who is also my middle child) turned six. We don’t always have birthday parties for our kids, but this year I told him he could have one. We spent quite a while trying to figure out his birthday party theme. It was really fun working with him on a project like this. I work with my girlie all the time on projects. By my oldest son/middle child….not so much. In the middle of his upward glances and iPod induced pig bashing noises, we finally decided that an Angry Birds Party was the perfect fit.  Here’s what we did:

I tried to go as homemade as possible while still keeping the party cute. I really had a lot of fun planning and designing some of the decor! I made the banner and cupcake toppers. We got the Mylar balloon, plates, cups, napkins and table cloth from our local party store. We draped plastic table cloths in our kitchen to sort of create a false ceiling, and of course…I didn’t get any good pictures. But THIS is what we were going for. Here’s what the party looked like:

Angry Birds BannerAngry Birds Party Decorations
Angry Birds Cupcakes (2)


Just make sure you are careful about how close you let the candles get to the cupcake toppers.

DSC_0253 edited
We got it under control in no time. It was arguably the most exciting thing that happened the whole party!

The treat bags were really fun to make! I used THIS FREE PRINTABLE for balloons and scaled them down to fit on the bags. I cut them out and glued them to the party bags. I got the party bags from our local party store. It was a pack of 24 different color bags and it was only a couple of dollars for all of them.
Angry Birds Party Bags

I had the kids help me assemble them.
Here’s what we put in each bag:
Angry Birds Party Bags (2)
I found 4-packs of sticker sheets at Wal-Mart (we put one sheet in each bag). We also included a decorated cookie (here’s a tutorial if you want to make your own), and a candy stuffed golden egg (which we also got from Wal-Mart during their Easter sales). The timing of the party being near Easter was perfect!

In Idaho during the spring, you can never quite tell how the weather will be. So I tried to plan good inside party games. I love all of the life-sized angry birds setups that you see on Pinterest. But, that wasn’t something that I was willing to do in the house.
Just our luck, the weather turned out to be beautiful. The first game we played outside. We called it Bird, Bird, Pig (which was our Angry Birds twist on Duck, Duck, Goose). That game works for almost every birthday party.

We also played a game I named “Pig Stomp”. The kids ABSOLUTELY loved it!
To play, you attach one balloon to each child’s ankle with a rubber band. The object of the game is to try and pop everyone else’s balloon while keeping yours blown up. It was a hoot to watch! It sort of reminds me of my days playing Mario Kart battle. It was tons of fun!

I designed, printed and cut out all of the banners and cupcake toppers myself, so I thought it would be fun to offer free printables to give to YOU! That way, you can save time and take advantage of all the work I did. For the banners and cupcake toppers, I used free vector images that can be downloaded HERE. And a font called “Feast of Flesh” that you can download free HERE.


All of our printables are FREE and can be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
On the cupcake toppers, I left 2 of each color blank so you can add your child’s name and age if you want.
Banner pg 1 Banner pg 2 Banner pg 3 Banner pg 4
Angry birds cupcake topper page 1 Angry birds cupcake topper page 2


  1. What a great party!! :) Funny that we both posted about 6th birthday parties today! :)

  2. cute idea, Shatzi. Looks like a blast!

  3. This is such a great party! You included some awesome details! Thanks for the printables, I always love when others share their talents with the rest of us!

  4. Oh my gosh your party is so cute! I would love it if you came over to Cast Party Wednesday and shared your cute party ideas with us. Thanks, I hope to see you there!

  5. That was a cute party! Next year my son will be 12 and I was already thinking of an Angry Bird party. You just gave me a lot of ideas. Thanks :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your fabulous party idea is being featured today on Menu and Party Idea Round Up! Please go grab a button! Thanks for sharing your party ideas with us at Cast Party Wednesday #37!

  7. What a fun party, the kids looked like they had a blast!

  8. I LOVE this party and am getting ready to throw my son an Angry Birds party this weekend. The link you shared for the printable faces you put on the bag is not working. Do you have a file of it you could send me? I'd be forever grateful!!

    Thanks so much!

  9. Oh my God!!! Thank you so much!!! My five year old cousin wanted an Angry bird theme party and I was like crazy searching for a free download printable banner and You Shatzy save my life!!
    Thanks for sharing your work it's amazing!! I also download the cupcake toppers!!
    Thank you one more time :)

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  11. What a great party, and the printables are gorgeous!


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